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Why People Behave the Way They Do

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"Funny . . . embarrassing, but a lesson to be learned. Why people behave the way that they do.”

Part 1

Coming home on the bus this evening this older African woman comes downstairs, goes to the front of the bus, and says to the driver in a loud voice (and African accent like people put on in comedy shows on the TV), “Driver . . . are you alright?” (We were stopped at the bus stop for a little while before entering the bus station. He was obviously early.) “Ca . . . n we go now?” she continues to tell the bus driver. “No you have to wait a bit,” he says. “Can I have my money back then?” she demands. (She has travelled several stops on the bus and by now and the whole bus is laughing, except me as I can’ t believe what I am hearing.) “Well I want to go to the station. Can we go now?” she insists. “The driver finishes writing on his chart and we head off towards the bus station. I looked to see if the woman got off the bus. She did not. We get to the station; it’s the last stop and everyone is getting off the terminating bus at the top of the road, at the mouth of the bus station. She (the woman), gets off the bus too. Everyone is still talking and laughing about what she did. She then sees a bus entering the bus station and decides to go in front of it driving down the hill, instead of going to the bus stop where it will stop and pick up passengers. The correct stop was just a few foot steps ahead of where we got off the bus. I look around and say out loud, “Who is with that lady?” There was a school boy nearby laughing his head off. His response to me was “That is sooo off . . . sooo wrong.” The bus does not stop, almost running her over and that is when she decides to come out of the road and come on the side walk to wait for the bus to come to the correct bus stop.

There are reasons why people are the way that they are and do the things that they do: background, upbringing, or choices, and yes they must be excused or pitied or taught, but should they be left to stay the way that they are? Yes, if they don’t think that they should do things differently that they should, you can only point things out and leave it to them. If they can’t see that how they are behaving is not the best way, they cannot be forced to change and should be left alone in my opinion. It is to pray for them that they will eventually see the error of their ways and change for their best good as well as that of others.



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