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w(the gale’s) i(howl) n(bellowed) d(a lonely cry)

w(the carrier) i(of nature’s)

n(gift of life) d(throughout the world)

w(hurricane) i(force blows)

n(death and destruction) d(and pestilence)

w(thoughts) i(in my mind)

n(wynd through the corridors) d(of space and time)

w(from the four) i(corners of the earth)

n(blows the regal) d(gusts and gales)

w(ancient ships) i(sailed)

n(the seven seas’) d(old trade routes)

w(hearty men) i(have perished)

n(beneath the seas’) d(unforgiving waves)

w(tornado gusts) i(rip and twist)

n(lift and hurl) d(houses and buildings)

w(the howling nothingness) i(makes my soul cry)

n(and my heart weep) d(for my old native land)

w(a northern current) i(chills bones) n(quashing) d(the spirit)



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