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The Winding and Accommodating Takeover

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Periodically I take a walk through the natural habitat park located in Seminole, Florida. The wooded walkway winds around the greenery and over the water with such beauty. When I stop to check out the lily pads, I see red billed ducks bobbing their little heads down into the water to catch a bite to eat. Every once in a while they look up to quack at me. I can’t quite tell if they are trying to communicate or if it is just a coincidence. The birds likewise are so noisy. I think they are communicating amongst themselves; busy bodies. A little further into the habitat, spiders have attached their webs from the branches of the trees to the wooded walkway where I stand. It gives me chills because I can’t see the spider in the web. Well, I don't stay in that area for very long!
The ducks talk to me, the birds talk to each other, and I talk to the trees. Tall trees! Attempting to find their tops, it almost hurts my neck to look upward. Odd that we humans are the ones with the brains and the trees cooperate with one another better than we do with each other. Midst their systematic cooperation, I get a word in edgewise hoping that they can hear me. Look at their calm but sure stature. The only uproar I witness is the wind rushing through their branches and leaves. Can you imagine if the trees acquired human emotions and went on strike because they didn’t like the way they were being treated? What a subtle attack this would be. With simple retreat, they would wipe out the entire human race considering they are one of the major natural filters producing our source of life, air.
The bases of the trees have a never ending swarm of ferns around them. Is it that the trees grew upward through the ferns because they are the stronger, or did the takeover of the ferns manipulatively wind their way around and ignore the trees altogether? The fern is one of the quietest living things out here and yet the most visible; a silent takeover. When the sun shines on their midsection upward, the natural forest green color blends into a completed appearance of a whitened, uninterrupted, and unending flatbed of snow.
How marvelous!


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