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The Wine Rack

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Sometimes I find treasures in a thrift store. I love to find pieces and restore them giving them a new life. I see what they can be and enjoy giving them another chance at beauty. Today I went to see what treasure awaits me. Way in the back room, I found a painted white wine rack table that certainly needed help. I saw it painted sage green and restored to new.

I carried it around the store while looking at all the things that once gave pleasure to people. I heard a voice and looked up. There stood a lady; she was dressed like one of those dolls I used to collect from other countries. She had on a long skirt and a matching shawl. Her face was like porcelain, like a doll and blonde hair was pulled up on top of her head in a bun. Everything about her was perfect.

She said, “You are not sure if you want that are you?” I said, “I see it restored and it would be perfect for a wine collection.” She talked a little more about the treasures people don’t want anymore and end up here in the thrift store. She smiled and we said our goodbyes.

I left and went to the market where I spent too much time checking prices and buying food for the week. I was in the market about an hour. On my way home I realized I forgot something so I stopped at a drug store. I was in an aisle looking for something when I heard a voice. “So we meet again!”

There was the same lady and it was apparent she wanted to talk to me. “I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe we were meant to meet each other.” Something I usually think or say when something like this happens. And in my life I am very aware of these “stranger” meetings. Call it synchronicity.   

She started talking about her business. She spends about five days a week taking care of a senior lady with a bad attitude and explained that she loves this work because feels that she is making a difference in her life. She went on to say she is looking for someone to partner with taking care of seniors. I explain that I have just spent years taking care of my parents who now are gone. And that I don’t see myself going back to this now. However, I admit I have been considering another career since I got laid off.

She gently persists that care giving can be reading to seniors or taking care of their finances and not the “nursing” aspects of the job, others can do that.

I can’t help stare at her costume-like apparel. She doesn’t seem to be of this century. There is something about her kind mannerism that keeps me focused on her. She introduces herself as Catherine, and says, “I hope we meet again.”

It seems that strangers find it easy to talk to me. So I “chalk” it up to one of those meetings.

When I get home, I turn on the radio; today they are offering Angel Readings. I never get through but today they answer right away. I’m on hold for about five minutes. Then the psychic starts to read for me. She says, “I see the scene over and over again from the Titanic.” It’s Rose, the main character, and the scene from the movie is of her feet. Her toenails are painted red. She continues, “Was your mother’s name Rose?” (I nearly fall off my chair) “Yes” I say. “Well she wants to tell you, you go take care of yourself now. You have always taken care of others.”  

Then she says, “Did you take your mother for a pedicure?” I said yes.

She says my mother’s message: “Go get a pedicure with red polish.” 

I ask about Catherine … My mother says again, “Go take care of yourself, it’s your time.”

The angel card chosen was Archangel Chamuel … She said he is with me standing behind me with his arms outstretched upward to heaven … and she keeps hearing “Move!” 

And she sees the color of a light green.

Perhaps sage, the color of the wine rack!


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