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A Wintry Day

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Sunlight streams through my windows into my sacred space, urging me to rise out of my slumber and explore what is outside. My body stumbles to the coffeepot where, blessed be, a fragrant smell wafts into my soul! Aha, the aroma, the sweet taste alerts my senses and awakens me, as it warms me from the inside. Walking to the window I part the curtains and lo and behold it is a winter wonderland! The perfection of it startles me and then, the urgency to get outside overtakes me and I come alive with the anticipation of greeting my day. My jacket slides on easily as well as my boots, hat, gloves, and suddenly I am off to explore the village. Stepping outside icicles break off as the sunlight warms them and the tinkling sounds are everywhere. It is early and no one is around as I walk through the tiny streets that wind throughout the historic village where I reside. The only sounds are of the water rushing by and occasionally a bird winging its way high above into the clouds. The picturesque views are amazing, as I walk by the gazebo in the park and into the main part of town. Now there are a few scattered neighbors, tipping their hats and smiling and greeting each other. What a beautiful day, how fresh everything is and how alive I feel! The air is clean and I breathe in deeply—as it restores my senses and my soul! I am thankful for this small pleasure as I proceed over the bridge and stop to enjoy the sounds of the water rushing, tumbling over the rocks and brush. My heart is amazed at the wonder and the beauty of the day and the town, it seems as if time stands still as I take it all in. This is important I think, this time to reflect and be renewed, for it has given me new hope and inspiration. My spirit has been filled to overflowing with warmth and peace, urging me closer to contentment on this cold and wintry day. Heading home, I feel the soft wet kiss of something on my face as new snowflakes start to fall—and I smile.


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