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Debbie Macomber wrote a novel called Twenty Wishes. In the story, four widows meet regularly as a kind of therapy. One of the widows starts making a list of wishes. When she shares her idea with the other members, they decide to make their own lists. Some of their wishes are practical, some are whimsical, some are very arcane, some are painful, and some are fantastic. And so the story goes.
What, I asked myself, would my twenty wishes be? What if, instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I made a list of twenty wishes?
I would wish for world peace, for the lion to lie down with the lamb.
I would wish for an end of all abuse and greed.
I would wish for a return to a simpler time.
I would wish for kindness and gentility in the world.
These are good wishes, but they are just that—wishes, things I can hope and pray for but will probably not see in my lifetime.
So what about practical wishes?
Well, I’d wish to learn how to operate my gas range and my digital camera.
 I’d wish to become nervy enough to drive in public. The very idea of merging terrifies me.
I can see these wishes come true with a little courage on my part. Perhaps reading the instructions manuals for the stove and camera would be a good start. Perhaps getting in the car and driving toward an interstate would be a beginning.
And my whimsical wishes?
I’d wish to drive a road roller. For years and years I’ve wanted to drive a road roller. Every time we pass a construction site and I see a road roller my heart rate accelerates and I feel a sense of exhilaration. Now I don’t want to just to control the remote for a robotic roller. No siree, I want to put on a hard hat (preferably a yellow one), climb into that little seat and drive that dude, to smash and flatten out a road bed, to smooth out hot asphalt, to enjoy admiring glances from expert road roller drivers. 
Will I ever do it? Maybe just writing it down on my list will give me the impetus I need to see that wish come true. Then perhaps I will make some effort to make my other wishes come true.
What about you? What would you put on your list of twenty wishes? Would they be practical, whimsical, fantastic?  Would you share your list or put it away in a secret place? Go ahead, make your list. And a year from now see how many wishes have come true.

















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