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Wishing Upon a Shooting Star

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"Hey , my big brother?"
"Yes? What is up little sister?"
"Do you remember on how mom saysif you don't reach for the moon, grab a shooting star?"
"Yes sis are you ok?"
"Well here i am aiming for the moon and yet no shooting star has come."
As Micheal embraces Nicole in a loving embrace in his arms and kisses Nicole on the forehead , and begins to say
"Well my baby sister there are times whereebeen the best of wishes have to wait to come true, but with your golden heart anything is possible; as long as you believe your wish will come true."
"What if I stop believing?"
Micheal glances at Nicole for a while and his mind was jumbled up with words but, he didn't know how to word it to where Nicole would understand.
"That's nonsense little sister."
Nicole and Micheal were very close ever since their dear mother passed they only had each other. As the stars slowly begin to shine with the moon, a shooting star zooms across the beautiful, elegant night time sky.
"Look a shooting star!"
Nicole places her hand upon her heart and says
" World peace is all I wish for dear kind Heavenly father."
As Micheal embraces Nicole once again and then carries her up to bed.
"Night little sis, have sweet, pleasant dreams."
Night turned into morning the birds were singing and the sun was out.
"Hey big brother?"
"My look whom just woke up., morning sis, you would never guess what was on the news."
"Whst was on the news?"
As Micheal turns on the t.v. and turns the channel to CNN the title or the juicy news topic was "world peace." Nicole could not believe her eyes, her wish actually came true.
"My ... My ... My wish came true!"
After that marvelous day there was no war just peace. Instead of ranting and raging people found better more positive ways to communicate. Nicole hugs her big brother tightly and says within tears of joy
"No more war brother , you don't have to goto Afghnaistan!"
The room was filled with laughter and tears , but it was true because at that moment Nicole believed that anything and any wish will come true.
"Mom was right about if you aim for the moon and if you miss catch a shooting star."
Even though mother is in heaven Nicole and Micheal wave at the heavens.


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