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The Wizard of Oz Spirituality

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I want to share with you my interpretation of the greatest story ever told: The Wizard of Oz.

In alignment with the chakras, the story has meaning in the odyssey of life. It is called an odyssey because it is odd, you see …

The quest of Dorothy to find the beautiful and bright emerald city, which is her salvation and destiny, resonates with the quest for finding the emerald green color of our heart chakra. The chakra of self-love, which finds the abundance of love to give to ourselves so that we may give to others, for we cannot give what we don’t have for ourselves.

Our heroine’s journey begins with grounding, grounding in the ruby red slippers that resonate with the ruby red chakra number one. This reminds us that we must remember to be grounded for any journey to be successful.

The path she is told to follow is the yellow brick road, the path symbolic of the yellow color of the solar plexus or power chakra at our center that gives us willpower and strength like bricks on a wall.

She wanders into a field of poppies, orange poppies that make her fall asleep and stray from her odyssey. The color orange, like the second chakra, which is our sex chakra; when we find sex, we fall asleep to what we know is truth in expression of unconditional love.

Then, we ask why the blue bird flies over the rainbow, the blue bird being our throat chakra, center of self-esteem and expression.

Once we have opened all our chakras, which make the rainbow of life, then we find that above all is the crown chakra, the chakra of spirituality that connects us with Source and all that is good.

We also see that there are bad witches and flying monkeys in her service that will try to block us on our quest for Truth, but that we are well equipped with brains, courage, and most of all love, and a true friend to help us triumph over obstacles and challenges.

Dorothy defeats the witch with water, which is clarity, which is truth. The truth melts the witch and dissolves her from reality. The truth of which we all have in ourselves—that is, to be happy and fearless, we create our own reality by living in our truth, and letting go of fear, and being the creators we were meant to be. Like Glenda the good witch tells Dorothy, you have had the power in you all along. If you don’t like something, change it. Let go of the fear of the past and create your own perfect heavenly future.

So join me in singing somewhere over the rainbow in resonance with the odyssey of life’s journey to open up to Source.


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