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The Wonders of the Subconscious

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Everybody knows what the subconscious is. Sort of. Anyway, we don’t really think it’s that important. Or we don’t think about it that much.

But maybe we should. Maybe it’s actually very important.

For one thing, it’s smart. Really smart. It can tell time while you sleep: how smart is that? We’ve all had that experience: we know we have to wake up at a certain hour so we set our alarm clock accordingly. But in the morning we magically wake up just a few minutes before the alarm clock rings. Our subconscious even knows that waking up in the sound of an alarm is stressful. Or maybe it’s just being considerate of our neighbors or roommates. How about those dreams? The beautiful, metaphorical ones? The ones that even you can tell what they mean?

Like the one where your mother was pushing you to go up a hill. (She was always trying to get you to push your limits.). The most amazing thing about those dreams isn’t the metaphorical setting for the events in your life or your feelings. It’s the sudden insight they provide, the one you probably wouldn’t have gotten to consciously. Like in your dream, after you painstakingly got to the top of the hill, you saw the most beautiful view you had ever seen. 

What is even more important is the way in which the subconscious can manipulate us. For example, if you (consciously) know you have to go to work but you (subconsciously) don’t want to go, you may find yourself leaving home late and subsequently arriving late at work. Why? Because the subconscious is throwing hurdles in your path. It’s not doing it to sabotage you. It’s doing you a favor actually. It’s not like you wanted to go to work in the first place.

So there’s no fooling the subconscious. What you should do is realize its importance and try to use it to achieve your goals. To do that you’re going to have to believe in the possibility of achieving the said goals. Not telling yourself that you believe in them but actually believing with all your heart. Visualize it. The life you want to have. The subconscious will help you get it. How? Didn’t I tell you that it’s really smart? 


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