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Write On!

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The path I am on is amazing!
And it all started with an unexpected find.
This journey is honestly, a very scary thing.
Putting my thoughts, feelings, opinions and discoveries on paper for someone else to read!! Are you kidding?? Why in the world would a sane rational person want to put themselves out there like that? Is there a more vulnerable place to be? Wow!!
These of course are my human insecurities talking.
Then on the other side of this is God. His gentle voice telling me that He has given me this desire. Given me these ideas and thoughts. He tells me these words are for sharing, not just to keep to myself.
As I think about this it does make logical sense after all. I mean, what good are boxes of journals and notebooks except to collect dust. What good are all the clippings, quotes, prayers and promises and bits of stories He’s given me over all these years; if not to put them down on virtual paper and share with the world.
The only other option I see is we load them up, take them to some nice deserted spot, shape them into a sort of circle, light them on fire, pull up some folding chairs and roast s’mores!
As I listened longer to Him I heard Him laughing along side me as we visualize this scene. Then He says “all laughing aside, I am serious about this. I have given you these words, these thoughts and I need you to share them.” Ohhhkkaaa I think.
Now it honestly wasn’t until I found a book. No, the book found me.
I say it that way because I wasn’t at the bookstore on a mission to “find what I was looking for." It was just one of those killing time kind of moments. You know those thirty minutes or so before the next appointment or something like that.
There I was with my vanilla/caramel/soy/no foam latte wandering somewhere between the discount history books and the magazine section. I had no plan, just going casually from one genre to the next. I was in the bargain books. The place where any self respecting woman my age, with as many shopping years under her belt as I had would be.
It was after picking a few and even reading some of their dust jackets it made itself known! There was no glow or fluorescent pink discount sticker, just a nice blue book for $6.97.
The title caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. “Finding your Own North Star” by Martha Beck. Well surely It had found me, that Holy Grail of a book. The one that would surely change my life kind of book. I was actually very excited about “this book”. No seriously it was only $6.97. For a two inch thick blue book!
Not to mention hadn’t I been asking God about what was next in life for me?
The back of the book said “If your days offer little satisfaction and less joy—you’re in the wrong life." What? really? hum? I kept on reading for awhile.
Ok I’m sold, and for only $6.97. If it was a bust I didn’t waste too much of the money I really didn’t have to spend. Especially after that grande $5 coffee, right? I was sold.
And after all some of the best books I’ve read have been blue books. More on that to come….


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