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Writing Can Help Heal Your Soul

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Writers come in all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. You have your own reasons for writing that are a result of knowledge you have gained in your life. Sometimes that knowledge is hurtful and affects the way you react to current situations. It can block your ability to be objective in the documents you create. Your understanding of how the past can help or hinder the present is a journey that can make your writing stand out in contrast to other people’s writings. 

When you record your good or bad life experiences, you enter the realm of healing for both spiritual and emotional issues. You receive help for loss, grief, or personal tragedy events that are blocking you from growth. This also encourages mental and physical relief from the underlying problems. Getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper is a means of taking them out of your mind and making that space available for healing. 

The shift in perspective from victim to strength is a result of examining the wrong-doing event in a methodical way and writing these thoughts on paper. You open yourself to the pain and observe it from a third-person viewpoint. You experience moments of reflective insight into the event which leads to realignment of our thoughts. 

As you continue to write, you stumble upon links from your current situation to a previous situation. These insights help you understand why your actions now might be detrimental to you. You make discoveries about your life that had been hidden behind pain and disappointment. When this sorrow gets to be more than you can handle at the moment, take a break; and let your mind process the new revelations in its own time. You will instinctively know when you are ready for the next step. 

Each grief or sorrow issue is connected to the whole while it also stands on its own. There is no right or wrong in the way you put your words down on paper. Your life is not a huge overwhelming problem that you must solve immediately; it is more like a gift that reveals layers to you each time you write. It is a way of visualizing who you are right now and remembering who you used to be. You only need to write as little as one-half hour, if you do it every day, to discover long buried dreams and desires. You find a place of safety, security, serenity, and joyfulness as you accept the pain, fear, uncertainty, and strife that have been your anxious thoughts for so long. 

The first step is the most painful, but it brings its own rewards later on. Much like strenuous physical exercise brings aches and pains the next day; as you continue, you experience strength and flexibility to enable you to enjoy each successive day to its fullest. 

Oftentimes, we are reluctant to see a therapist, either because of expense or preconceived notions; but a notebook and pen can achieve results if you enter into the process with a willingness to receive healing. Your notebook can be a private act for you or you could share it with others. The choice is up to you. Writing can be done in those moments where you are between projects, or you can set a certain time each day. Do not worry about spelling, punctuation or grammas as these are thoughts meant to help you understand how your life in the past has led to your life in the present.


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