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Writing Freedom

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The interesting thing about writing is that it acts as an outlet for the freedom of your inner soul. However, writing something down on paper means that someone may actually read it. This can be a scary factor for those who have an inner voice that wants to be heard yet is kept hostage in the beautiful mind of a timid shell. Having a forum to share my thoughts and feelings freely is a relief for me. I loved the art of writing until schoolwork, essays, reports, and proposals took the shine out of my pen.

I have friends and family that are supportive, but not without judgment or opinion of what I should do and how I spend my time and provide for my family. I have always been a pillar of strength, responsibility, and a provider. So many times while growing up, my parents would find my journals and poems and I would immediately receive a lecture about how my writings were childish and that I should be studying instead. Because of those experiences, I lost my desire to write and the creativity of my imagination, gone. Useless words and expressions that are not productive to a realistic career goal and could not provide any financial stability were frivolous to my parents and friends.  

Writing my well wishes in birthday cards, wedding cards, and any type of cards was my only outlet. Finally, little love notes to my husband around the house, in his lunch, and in emails. He appreciated them, but again, what can you expect from a guy? I know that some friends were touched by my warming words in their greeting cards, but I always had so much more to share.  

I found this forum during my quest to find the best careers for working moms. Writing was listed as number one, and this is how I found DivineCaroline. Currently, I am attempting to redefine myself. Who I am and what are my passions? How do I want to live and be remembered? This is a new chapter in my life … now let’s see what I do with it.


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