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Yell Like Hell: Self Defense for Girls

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Perhaps, nothing would repel or frighten off rapists more than the attention created by a yell, shriek, scream or shout before or during an attempted sexual assault on women, teens or even little children. This is precisely why rapists or physical abusers resort to stealth and surprise for an intended assault, and in most cases, use a weapon to intimidate a victim into silence, or attempt to cover a victim’s mouth with their palms or duct tape.

Therefore, the name of the game is verbal self defense … YELL LIKE HELL !

Betrayal—the one you know
One of the most startling revelations thrown up by statistics on sexual assault, and other violent attacks committed on women, teens and even males, is that in a significant number of such cases, the attackers were not just strangers, but people either related or known to the victim—an ex-boyfriend, a relative, or a friend.

A rapist or abuser usually appears well-behaved in public and will give little away by well disguising their actual latent, violent tendencies. Today marital rape and all forms of domestic violence, committed by either husbands or other male family members, are also taken seriously by most democratic countries and firmly dealt with in accordance with law.

The potent ‘protection’ of self defense
With no let up in cases of sexual assault, sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, and all other acts of violence committed on women, teens and children, programs devoted to self defense for women, as well as self defense for girls, are becoming extremely popular around the world. These programs provide the ‘protection’ … the skills for self-defense that all modern-day, women, teens and children should have knowledge of.

Programs offering self defense for women, as well as self defense for girls are invaluable for women, teens and children, as they impart comprehensive education covering all aspects of the best self defense tips and techniques. More importantly, they help learners project a keen sense of street awareness, and also arm them with highly potent physical and psychological methods that are critical for effective street self defense.

Today, a significant number of women and teenager girls are signing up for programs that specially focus on self defense for women and self defense for girls. If you feel vulnerable, perhaps, you should, too.

Being able to defend yourself is empowering. Feeling empowered projects confidence and gives you an edge.

The other accessories of self defense
A safety whistle and pepper spray have proved to be highly effective in deterring a sudden sexual assault or violent act. Today, a significant number of women and teens keep these items on hand whenever they venture out alone, or happen to be in secluded places. While a safety whistle acts as an effective deterrent by attracting attention to your situation and location in the event of sexual assault, Pepper spray can temporarily blind and disable a would be attacker, giving you enough time to escape or seek help.

The martial art of Karate is perhaps the best offensive form of self-defense for women and self-defense for girls, but before you disable that attacker with a kick or a punch … Yell like hell!


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