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You Are Purposed

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I am the youngest of eleven siblings. To say the least I’m not sure if certain people even take me seriously as such.

I have gifts and talents. There are things about that me that others find so awesome. The qualities I possess somehow add something to their lives. I’ve been told that I have an old soul and that my spirit is very welcoming and kind. When I speak these people hear me. When I communicate love, they feel me. When I stop them in the middle of an isle at the store because I feel the need to tell them something, they often well up with tears at the mention of things they only been holding inside.

I am not mentioning the above in an attempt to sell myself as gifted. I mention them because it amazes me how others can feel me so deeply and call out my gifts and those that are closest to me don’t even know they are there.

I have never finished college as some of them wanted me to. I have four children out of wedlock and that was a disappointment to most. My job is raising them, writing and promoting and that is not enough for some.

There came a point where I had to make a decision. Am I going to give up on what I know I’m purposed to do because some don’t understand me? Am I going to hold my head down and wait for someone to call upon me so I can feel great about someone noticing me in a crowd? Will it benefit those that need to hear what I have to say if I put all my effort into getting a particular group to notice me?

I came up with this. I am purposed. I have what someone else needs and they can’t get the best of me if I sit down and relax in the disappointment of others.

What I have to offer is just as important as the next person. I am full of great purpose. And guess what, so are you! Great purpose is not defined by society; not by friends; not by family; not by a church board. Great purpose is what we were created with on the inside of us.

I encourage you to tap into it! Believe in you. Rather you love being a secretary because it makes you feel good to keep things in order. Rather you thrive behind the scenes. Rather you love being a stay at home parent because you feel alive taking care of your family. Rather you feel powerful while running your own company. Rather you know that you place is in that CEO chair. It is all purposed. Live in it. Walk in it. Run in it. Believe in it.

You are full of great purpose.


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