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The Young vs. The Young at Heart

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this corner, we have a 60-year-old graduate student who graduated high school in the 50’s and received her Bachelor of Science degree in the 60’s. She is the mother of four, grandmother of eight and is a retired teacher from the Greenville County School District. Upon retiring, she enrolled in Duke University’s weekend MBA program because she wants to start a new career.

In this corner, we have a 20-year-old high school dropout who has had six different employers in only three years. The South Carolina State Lottery offers scholarships at all state colleges and universities for those requiring financial assistance. Greenville Tech and a Consortium of State Colleges and Universities have a campus located in Greenville for higher education, including classes in preparation for a General Education Diploma.


Our 60-year-old graduate student has excellent credit and enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Although divorced, she is able to take care of herself and provide the necessities in life, including extras. Summer vacations are routine as well as the annual trips to Sarasota, Florida for her family reunion. She has a sizeable nest egg and works full-time in her home based business, which tutors high school students in Mathematics and Sciences and helps high school dropouts, get a GED.

The high school dropout has recently been evicted from his boarding room and spends most of his days skateboarding and scrounging around for whatever he can to keep his ribs from suing his back for nonsupport. He has gone to Manpower for an odd day’s work but just can’t seem to get his priorities in order. His parents have given him an ultimatum. He’ll receive financial support from them if he gets back in school and earn his GED.

Given this information about our 60-year-old woman and 20-year-old man, it is quite easy to say she is the old one and he is the young one; based on their chronological ages. I’ve heard men say, “You’re as young as the one your arms are wrapped around for the night.” (I cleaned that up a tad.) I’ve also heard, “You’re as young as you feel.” A friend’s father will jokingly say, he’s so old, he remembers when the Dead Sea was sick. That always gives me a laugh.

I have felt old for the past week because I fell as I was leaving my home-office and going into the kitchen. I have no earthly idea why/how I fell but I did. I have suffered from aches and soreness but thankfully nothing worse. Reaching 40 is a milestone. I have two sisters and brothers who reach milestones before me. I have received very up-to-date information on what to expect at each milestone, whether I wanted to get these updates or not.

I will now make an announcement that even my family has not been privy to hear. I’m in love! The man is wonderful and a genius. I fell in love with him just today when I read: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” —Henry Ford: Founder, Ford Motor Co., prolific inventor.

Our 20-year-old has stopped learning and applying himself. He is not taking advantage of the resources available to him to improve his lot in life. Our 60-years young grandmother is feeding her mind and thus, keeping herself young, in spite of any physical aches and pains she may experience.

And as for me, I’m buying that Epsom Salts my older but young sister, Tildy as been telling me about and booking a massage for later this week. Agreeing with Mr. Ford is a no-brainer for this writer. Having awareness is important when having knowledge isn’t always necessary. Here’s an example, if you question that statement. Just yesterday, I saved $149.99+ because I was aware of something about which the salesman had knowledge. When he tried to sell me what I needed, I recalled having read (awareness) something about it and his company provided a service that took care of my need for $10/month instead of the $99.00 purchase and $49.99/month fee associated with what he’d initially offered. I’m approaching adolescence again!

In spite of my soreness and aches, I’m young! I can do a happy dance, thanks to Mr. Ford and after the Epsom Salts soak. It is my life-long goal to be a voracious reader. While appearance is important to me, being mentally alert and of a sharp sound mind is more important. I, therefore submit to you, whether you think you are young or old, you are correct. It’s all in the mind. That pun was intentional.

Ladies and gentleman:

And the winner. Declared by TKO, based on Mr. Henry Ford’s words of wisdom…

Our 60 years young grandma!



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