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Your Life Purpose

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We are spiritual beings who came to have a human experience. Before you were born, in the spiritual realm you sat down and planned out your “soul chart” or “life plan.” On this soul chart, you placed events and experiences that are going to happen to you at specific times. These things we cannot change, and they are called our “fate.” But the one gift that God gives us while we are here is called “free will.” Free will means the right to choose  without interference from above with our “Higher Selves” or other spiritual beings. So the choices we make along the way of our soul plan creates our life and this is called “destiny.” 
So you see, your Higher Self and you are always connected, your Higher Self is the “real you.” A part of the consciousness of your Higher Self incarnated it’s self into your body here on earth, and the incarnated part of you has just forgotten about the higher part of you. But your Higher Self watches over you from above, encouraging you and looking after you while you are here. Once you realize there is a higher part of you, you can begin to make contact with your Higher Self and ask for guidance. Ask for advice, and ask for direction. You can ask your Higher Self for anything really. Then you can work together in fulfilling your mission, or your “life purpose,” the reason why you came.
So why did we come here to experience life on this Earth? You came here for two things—to live your “life purpose” which is the thing that makes you the happiest, that helps others in some way and to experience challenges, so that you could overcome them, and your soul could evolve. You have specific life lessons that you are meant to learn, and if you do not learn them while you are here then you will reincarnate again in your next life and have to try again. How do we figure out what we came here to learn? Just take a look at your life. Are there any patterns that you need to break? What is challenging you the most? Let me give you an example. I’m sure you know someone who is playing the part of the “victim.” They keep doing things that screw up their lives but they say it’s everyone else’s fault. Well, one of the things that person came here to learn, is how to take responsibility for their actions, and change. I played that part for a little while in my life. But thank goodness I finally figured out that I’m the only one who is creating my life. Life isn’t happening to you, it’s responding to you and you attract it all. Or maybe you know someone who lets others use and abuse them. They tend to attract a lot of people into their lives who take advantage of them, don’t respect them, and walk all over them. That person most likely came here to learn how to take control of their personal power. Make sense? 
So just think for a minute and really be honest with yourself. What is it that you do, that you know you need to change but never do? Work on that, because chances are that’s the exact lesson you need to learn in this lifetime. And don’t forget to ask your Higher Self, God, your Angels & guides for help and guidance. They are waiting for you to ask them because they can’t help you until you ask :)

And P.S. I will give you a little hint. Any challenge you experience makes you a better person, it evolves your soul. And every lesson learned helps point you in the right direction. Out of all the reasons why any of us came here, they all are meant to lead us back to love.

To life, love, and happiness—Shannon Terry 


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