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Your Life Is a Puzzle

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Life is a puzzle. This puzzle has 25,650 pieces. There are sometimes more or sometimes less but on average about 25,650 pieces. From the moment you are born you start to put the pieces together. You normally work from the outer edge to the center. Occasionally you find a piece that seems to fit in a particular spot but the other pieces do not fit with it. You take out that particular piece and look for another with the same shape and size. Remember you have 25,650 pieces. You give up searching and go back into your routine of working from the outer edge toward the middle.

You work diligently, not necessarily because of the enjoyment of putting a puzzle together but because you don’t have a choice. As long as you wake up to see another day you continue to search and fit pieces. Now there are times that you will pick up a piece and try to force it to fit. Your eyes tell you it will. Your physical and emotional being tells you “it will fit,” but your heart tells you “no.” Sometimes you choose not to listen and it may take sometime but you eventually find that this particular piece does not fit. It is usually worn on the edges because of the pressure you have put on it to fit and it now stands out from the other pieces. You throw this piece into your pile and continue on.

You have now put 6,412 pieces together. What an accomplishment. You can clearly see the beginnings of a beautiful blue sky in the puzzle. You are almost one fourth of the way to finishing more or less. You are starting to put similar pieces in piles. There are reds, pinks, purples in one pile. There are whites, yellows, and greens in another pile and browns, blacks, beiges, and grays in another. You are feeling good about yourself some days and others you are wondering why you grouped these piles the way you did. You continue to wake up to the puzzle awaiting you.

You are now half-way. You have put together a total of 17,825 pieces. What an accomplishment. There are some that have started the puzzle but have not finished because they chose to stop or had to stop, but not you. You continue on with your puzzle. Most of the time you are enjoying the activity. You have a routine in place. You’ve decided to focus on the bottom portion of the puzzle. You are not forced to do this but you want to. Something inside you tells you this is the foundation of the puzzle. You continue on.

Most of the pieces you use are from the pile of browns, blacks, beiges and grays, but in each of the pieces you will see a splash of color that complements the piece perfectly. In that moment while you are staring at the piece you can see a breathless beauty that makes you desire to go on with the puzzle. It seems the bottom portion of the puzzle is starting to form a path that seems to have smooth clear roads framed with beautiful flowers that seem to multiply as the road gets longer. You can tell that the flowers start to diminish further up the road. Then, there is a bend in the road and the path is no longer clear. There are less and less pieces with splashes of color. You are now more than three-fourths of the way. You only have 6,412 pieces to complete the puzzle. You feel you have been working on this puzzle for a long time but some days you feel you have just started.

You can see by what you have pieced together that the scene is a valley with a path that leads to what looks like a mountain top. You continue adding to the puzzle piece by piece. You now have only 3,206 pieces left. You count the remaining pieces more frequently now. You think it is because you are getting closer to the end. You have 1,603, 801, 400, 200 pieces remaining. You now have eighty-one pieces to go. The puzzle is beautiful even though it is not completely finished. Some pieces are worn because you have tried to force fit them. You’ve had to take some pieces out of the puzzle because they were the right shape but the wrong fit and you have been discouraged because you could not see the full picture. But now you can see that it is all worth it. You may not complete this puzzle but you know the finished product is magnificent.

You are down to your last forty pieces. Your view of the puzzle has become deem. It has become more of a challenge to pick up the pieces as well as put them into place. Now you are putting the pieces of the puzzle together sight unseen. You don’t have to finish the puzzle with your own hands. The puzzle will be finished by your faith (your mind’s eyes).

The finished product is beautiful even though you still have fifteen pieces remaining that you will not put into the puzzle. But you can rest assured that this puzzle will be completed and the essence of the puzzle will be eternal.


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