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Your Pain Can Be Your Reign

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Most of us have all played the vicious game of chasing and running. We chase after the things that we think will make us “happy” and then run from them once we realize that these "things" or "lifestyles" are nothing but terrible pain. This cycle will continue until we each come to the very end of ourselves. I know you must think, how do you come to the end of yourself? Basically, the end of yourself is when you have made a complete mess of your life and hurt the ones around you and still cannot feel the emotion behind the mess that you have created. This emotional void is what happens when we distance ourselves from our faith, I like to refer to it as getting lost in a worldly slumber, that feeling of drowning in the guilt and shame of the past.

This time of distance or as I call it, worldly slumber is when each of us should listen to the words of Psalms 46:10 and ”Be still and know that I am God”. At this point, we are normally brokenhearted over our mistakes and if we allow God into the chambers of our soul it will be the most intimate encounter. Words cannot describe the peace that only He can bring with just a whisper into our spirit. He comes to help us restore our spirit in our time of need so the vicious game of chasing happiness and running away can end.

God will help you navigate yourself out of the mess that you have made in your life. I know you must be thinking, are you kidding me? No, this is no kidding matter, neither are your previous life experiences or your heartaches. God will take the mess that you have gone through in your life and actually use it for someone else in the mist of their pain for his glory, if you will just be patient and allow Him into your soul. So listen for his whisper and remember that your pain can be your reign!


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