Your Personality (Part 2)

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So …

I established in my first personality article that a person has four processes, two for perceiving the world and two for making decisions about what is perceived. In the same way that a person has two hands but prefers using one over the other (making that person either right or left handed), each person prefers one perceiving process over the other, as well as one decision-making process over the other.

I elaborated on the perceiving processes in the first note. Now I will define the decision-making process, known as the “Judging” process. Two processes for judging are available: Thinking (T) and Feeling (F). Thinking judgment is logical and impersonal, leaning more toward frankness than toward friendliness and more directed at things than at people. It is objective, analytical and asks FOR WHAT more than FOR WHOM. If this describes you, then you are likely a “T” personality.

Opposite to the “T” personality is a person who prefers Feeling judgment. Feeling judgment is not, as the word ‘feeling’ might seem to imply, merely emotion-driven decision-making. It is, in fact, a rational process, but unlike Thinking, its judgment factors into the equation people and their emotions. It accounts for the values and desires of people (including one’s own values) and therefore might tend to neglect matters that call for impersonal analysis and cold, hard decisions to be made. It is therefore more subjective than objective and asks FOR WHOM more than FOR WHAT. If this seems to describe you, then likely you are an ‘F’ personality.

All judgments, whether they are Thinking or Feeling judgments, are made based on what is perceived through Sensing (S) or Intuition (N). If you are intuitive and enjoy point blank analysis and logic, then you are an Intuitive Thinking personality (NT). If you are sensing and tend to weigh how people and personal values will be affected, then you are a Sensing Feeling personality (SF) And, of course, the other combinations of the processes are possible, as well.

In the next note, I will discuss the difference between Introverts and Extraverts. I know, I lied in the first note, saying I’d discuss it in this note. But that’s because I’m a Perceiving personality, which I will also describe in contrast to the Judging personality, in the next note … or will I? MWOOOWWHAHAHAHAAHAH!



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