Shadows of Disease

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The inspiration of life is to know your body and feel its rhythm and to listen to your soul as it searches the mysteries that can invade your privacy of the heart. The tortures of disease can inhibit a dark shadow that creeps into the spirit and tries to destroy your existence of balance and natural harmony. Listen to the whispers that inform you of something that can twist and turn and decrease your energy of inspiration and reach out and feel the vibrations that inner connect to the textures of the soul. Feel the fabrication of tissues that intertwine and weave the texture of your soul to regain strength to curtail the crushing wounds that will instill fear and unknown darkness of the enigma of why this happening to my spirit. The flowing waters over the ageless stones of life and the refreshed blossoms revives the innerness of solitude that can instill challenge to regain the composure to breathe and challenge this crippling and strangling torture and painful touches of soreness inscribes a visual compassion to regain your dignity and follow a destiny of a heartbeat that breathes memories of darkness that become no longer embers of fire as released coils of energy are dispersed to revive and heal the soul to tranquility. The sheerness of tragic experiences surround life with edges of hardness that diminish the shadows to dull images that create a tapestry of muted impressions that instill the spirit to whisper softness of life that one can become melodic and better in tune to feel the endeavors that present us with humility and bring calmness to the breadth of life with a blending of beautiful splendor in the soul.


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