Skin Cancer

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Disease can be so debilatating and most dont realize how harmful skin cancer can be as it can deform your body and invade your soul. The cells of cancer spread thru mazes of tissue and reach out to nerves and the connective transport of conflct begins in the diagnosis. The knowledge is to decipher the facts and know the twists and turns of this disease that can cause a rampage of disbelief and sorrow. Strength and dignity has to come from the heart that trangresses the feelings of confusion and terror as the spreading grows deep within and the mind can become an enemy that presents an abstract division of cells that mutiply and erupt fears as the disease progresses into the inner most self. Be aware of changes on the skin as textures become different and marks of distinction can dwell into odd shapes and non edges that tangled into the enigma of why this has transgressed. Feeling the helplessness of the erupting reflections of shadows that cast an enormous greyness of ambiguity as this invader occupies the heart of destruction. The tears of turmoil embroil into the soul and cause an emptiness of dimensions of future harmful diagnosis that once again begin to spread into deformity and invade the mind with a depressed agony as one
embraces the technology that generates the pathology of answers and cuts into the core of skin and catches the threading of redesigning the healthy connection of tissue and healing the soul. Reasoning this fracture of a sickness that can aspire to take over the body has to be handled with tenderness and the quality of life to face the decision to clamp down the spread of malignancy and to know your capable to regain the issue of health once again in the soul. The disfigurement can cause disillusioning that time can only erase when tissue of healing fades causing marks to remind you that cancer erupts out of no where at any time to cause pain and discomfort of survival and one must bravely encounter this dangerous liaison by revitalizing energy to conquer this terror that enwraps the heart in fear. The mind must grasp this danger with the knowledge of how to try and curtail the eruption of endless circles of connective spreading and embed strength once again to end this fuse of shadows of more disbelief and diffuse these embers of coils of this disease and enwrap the spirit of life to blossom essence in the heart.


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