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Smoking: A Bad Habit

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The smoking rate has gone up by 20 percent in the last two decades and people who don’t know that they are moving closer to death each time they inhale smoke. About two decades back only middle aged and old people were found smoking but now the time has changed and we see lots of youngsters are into smoking. These youngsters feel great while smoking but they don’t know that their tender lungs are getting destroyed every moment they take the smoke inside their lungs. The nicotine present in tobacco and cigarette is the main culprit that comes in contact with gastric juice inside the stomach and that further enters the blood stream and remains there for many years even after quitting smoking.

People who try to quit smoking all of a sudden can suffer from side effects and face problems like dizziness, forgetting things, shaking of hands, headaches, etc. Cigarettes contain over 500 harmful chemicals that are dangerous and can cause harmful serious damage to our body. The smoke that enters the lungs gets accumulated at the inner wall of the lungs and gets blacken. This black product is called tar whose thickness increases every time a person inhales the smoke. After accumulation of some tar inside the lungs, a person will feel breathing problem and than all sort of diseases will creep into a person’s body. However there are some good anti smoking products available on market and are very effective. Among them Generic Zyban is one of them.

Generic Zyban is a product that really works well on smoking. It is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and it strength is usually of 150mg. It is an oral medication that can be easily taken with water. The daily dose of Zyban can be useful and should be taken under strict instructions of doctor. The dosages may vary from time to time depending upon the health status, age factor and gender of a person. Continuation of Generic Zyban for about 8–10 months will definitely help quit smoking.  Generic Zyban is FDA approved and it really works on person who wants to quit smoking. For those who are chain smokers this medication may take some more time than expected. Many of them say that generic Zyban was invented for treating depression patients but later it was discovered that it worked well on quitting smoking. So at the later part, generic Zyban was modified to anti smoking medication. Generic Zyban helps in reducing nicotine level from a body that is completely under smoking influence.

However there are few side effects of Generic Zyban that includes coughing, headache, irritation, dizziness, body pain, weakness, etc.  In some cases it has been noticed that at an early stage of this medication some people suffer from chest pain, high blood pressure etc. Generic Zyban is considered to be the best generic antismoking medication till today. This medication is cheaper than any other anti-smoking drugs available on market.



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