Substance Abuse

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It was a day long ago in a huge meandering forest. I remember that day my friend had already gotten drunk on at least eight bottles of alcohol, even though he was so underage. I would try to tell him to stop he wouldn’t listen though, he would just threaten to kill me with the glass. He also opened up a bottle of Xanax not prescribed for him, and then downed almost all the pills down his throat, then abruptly his body falls to the floor as a result of fainting. I wanted to do something about him passing out at the time. It was just me and him at the location.

There were no phones on us nor was anyone else around, I abruptly felt a huge rush of anxiety because I didn’t know what to do and thought he may be dead … then suddenly he’s back up again. “Yay, you are still alive,” I said. We still continue to walk though the forest except this time he’s so uncoordinated he can barely walk, and is tripping all over the place from the over dosing, and liquor. It came to the point he can barely breath, then he ate a fruit off a bush, instantly he starts rapidly coughing and can’t even breath and underwent cyanosis (bluish coloring of flesh due to lack of oxygen) and collapsed to the ground. I had no idea what to do I was on the ground crying and trembling.

Finally someone notices what is going on, we couldn’t get to a phone, no one else was around, we couldn’t get to a professional to assist him, so she supplied him oxygen. Then abruptly he is done undergoing cyanosis. At the time though he could barely walk and and kept falling all over the place, because of the poison, and substance abuse. The substance abuse and liquor abuse made the poisoning even more severe, than it would have been. Then abruptly he leaves me stranded in the forest alone. It was a huge forest.

Being lost in the forest was absolutely terrifying. I continued to walk through the forest, looking at the magnificent nature, trying to make the best out of that moment. Finally when I make it out of the forest, I found my friend that left me stranded in the forest on the ground in someone’s backyard, passed out. The young lady next to him was tying to tell me he’s wasn’t dead, and that he was just passed out. Then she goes into her house to get use a stethoscope on him, when she used the stethoscope on him she was terrified by the sound she heard. His heart abruptly went from beating too rapid, to too slow in a matter of seconds.

It was 911 emergency time. Then she called 911 and the ambulance came to hospitalize him. He could have died from his body’s reaction to drug abuse, and liquor abuse. He is still alive though. He had a serious mental issue that needed help, if he got help he would be doing a whole lot better. Know anyone with a substance abuse issue? If so get them help, before it’s too late.


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