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Supplement Usage: Look Before You Leap

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There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding the various types of supplements available for good health. The food we eat ideally should provide everything our bodies need. The basic nutrients for our bodies include water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. When we become ill, we surmise we have a deficiency somewhere in our system and should take a supplement to improve and strengthen our overall health. We are inundated with aisles of supplements from immunity boosting to improving hair, skin and nails. For every one of our ailments, there is a plethora of supplements to try. As much as I am a strong proponent to the use of supplements (I have a cabinet full of them), truth be told, I wasn’t successful in choosing the right supplements for my own health issues.

I have found that you cannot take a supplement successfully without actually knowing what you are deficient in. Multivitamins (MVI) are generally the supplement of choice but there are vitamins and minerals that your MVI doesn’t have in adequate amounts. Have you tested your magnesium level? How about your glycine and Vit D levels? How about food allergies? Perhaps the supplements you are taking is actually something you are allergic to. A simple blood test holds these answers. Find a physician who can help you discover exactly what your deficiencies are and can treat you with the proper dosages. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t take can make the difference in your health and wellness.


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