Too Young for Ovarian Cancer?

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Hello, I am twenty-two years old and am terrified. For the past two years, almost, I have been experiencing this pain on my lower left side. Christmas 2009: as I was cooking, the pain hit hard and carried on until 2010. I have irregular menstruation cycles I haven’t seen my periods in almost three months. Sometimes there’s spotting; the pain is unbearable. It feels like someone is twisting my insides. I have been to the ER and some doctors say it may be a cyst but with my own research, I believe it may be ovarian cancer.

This week the pain returned and as a full time worker/student, you all can imagine how this puts a dent in my life. When my partner and I make love, it hurts. Sometimes I don’t even say anything, I have discharge, and I feel tired and nauseous at times. Am I too young to be thinking this is cancer? I have been to many docs; I just feel like they are not looking at the bigger picture. Should I request the right diagnostic testing? This is a horrible pain; I cannot walk or stand for too long. I have midterms and all I can do is lie down and be a burden on everyone else. I am tired of crying and I want someone to take me seriously!


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