The Treatment Provided by Dream Therapy

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There are many causes that could be responsible for the way we feel when we are depressed and cannot find the courage to keep living. However, we can discern the basic reasons why we are affected by depression depending on our personality and on the conditions of our lives.

There are many external factors which cause depression, like:

  • The death of a loved person,
  • Bankruptcy
  • Being a victim of betrayal
  • Facing serious family or social problems
  • Loneliness …

This list never ends. We live in an absurd world that demands many efforts from us. We have no time for anything because we work all day and we are always tired. Many bills and responsibilities form dark clouds over our heads. We are always worried about the future; trying to solve our daily problems and many other problems that keep torturing us without end.

On the other hand, our cruel world is characterized by terrorism, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and greed. There is no real justice on Earth. Daily crimes paint our newspapers with blood. The absurdity of our stressed-out lives can only generate sadness and psychological problems.

Most people try to forget they live in a crazy world, and find happiness in a world apart from the general absurdity. However, this solution cannot help them live happily because they are still inside the big world that keeps influencing their lives, or the lives of the people they love. There are also many internal causes of depression, which start ruining their lives, and are even worse than the external problems.

All internal causes of depression are related to our behavior and personality. Our psychological world is constantly threatened by the absurdity of the wild side of our conscience, the anti-conscience. It is our animal side, which works based on instincts and thinks based on a selfish logic.

When our actions are influenced by the anti-conscience we are rude and absurd, but we cannot understand that we are not ourselves. We tend to defend our points of view and justify our mistakes because of our pride. Later, we have to face the bitter consequences brought by these mistakes. We also have to face many social conflicts because we were responsible for making them.

The list of psychological problems caused by the anti-conscience is as long as the list of problems generated by our crazy world. Therefore, when we are depressed, we have no way to find out what in fact is hurting us so much, or how to escape from this situation of complete despair.

There is only one miraculous and safe solution that can put an end to our despair and help us find peace and sound mental health. Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation provides the most efficient treatment for individuals and society alike.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a psychiatrist and psychologist. We only have to learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language in order to have a direct communication with the unconscious mind through dream messages.

This is the only guaranteed method of psychotherapy that everyone can absolutely trust, which provides only positive results. It is perfect because it is not based on our ignorant mind, but on the superiority of the unconscious wisdom.


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