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10 Time-Saving Tips for the Morning

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The Rolling Stones lied. Time is not always on your side. Use these tips to make the most out of your mornings!

Always do your hair first. You can take your makeup on the road, but chances are your flatiron is staying at home.

Establish a three minute makeup routine. Sometimes that's all you have. Decide what products are most important to you. I always need moisturizer, my concealer stick, and a honey-colored bronzer to brighten up my face a bit. Mascara and liner travel easily if I want to apply eye makeup later on.

Keep a set of keys in your handbag. They should leave only to unlock the door.

Place everyday accessories close to the door. I keep the two watches I wear most in a small dish in my front entryway. Bonus: keeping jewels out in plain sight is pretty and gives your place a little extra character.

Decide what you're wearing the night before. If its new, try it on first. Keep your jacket or coat (with coordinating scarf) in plain sight so you can grab it on your way out the door.

Stash a packet of instant coffee and a granola bar in your purse. Breakfast on the go is a no-brainer.

Pack your bags before you go to bed. I make my PB&J at night and put all dry food into my lunch bag for easy assembly in the morning. If I'm headed to an early AM workout, my gym bag is raring to go.

Fill your coffee maker with water and grinds at night. Come sunrise, just press "brew". A minute saved is a minute earned!

Use a nontraditional "timer" to keep you in check. Make a morning playlist (keep it poppy and pleasant) and know what you should get done during each tune. Do your makeup in two songs, get dressed during one song, etc.

Keep your living space tidy. I will admit that there are days I just don't have time to make the bed. But as long as the area around me is clutter-free, I can move easily and purposefully throughout my apartment in the mornings. Namaste!


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