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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Energy

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There were very specific times in my life when I would hit a wall at 3:00 and my energy was drained. There were also some very specific things happening at this time in my life that I can see very clearly were the causes of my energy walls.

There are some very easy tweaks you can make in your day so that you don't hit the wall at some point. You CAN feel vibrant and full of energy each and everyday. And the best part.. and I know this might be a shock to you all.. the way in which we increase energy is not what you may think.

Learn the 5 Super Simple Ways to Increase Your Energy

Operate with Passion: The biggest reason I was hitting a wall at 3:00 is because I was no longer passionate for what I was doing with my work. I knew I wanted to step up and I was afraid to take that step. So everyday I was going through the motions wishing it was different. Your body can sense this feeling of lack of enthusiasm. It's basically choosing sleep over life. If you aren't living a vibrant life... might as well go to sleep! What do you need the energy for?

Find your Purpose: We were all put here on the planet for a reason. We all have a purpose and a mission from spirit. If you are not living your purpose or don't know what it is, your energy will diminish until you connect to it. Once again, why do you need to last all day if you aren't even living out your purpose for coming into this life? Your body is asking you to change and as soon as you begin operating from this space you will be surged with energy and you won't want to stop. Therefore, you will be supported in that energetically.

Create Your Own Beliefs: One of the most draining things is living out of someone else's belief systems. You are unique, and you have a unique path in your life. It doesn't matter if your mother believes what you are doing is impossible or your sibling believes it's stupid. You must operate from your own empowering beliefs that bring you closer to where you want to go. Napoleon Hill said that the only beliefs or thoughts you should keep are the ones that align with your desires, all the other ones got to go!

Enjoy the Dining Experience: Take a time out for meals and be present with your meal times. Enjoy the food, taste the herbs and spices, sit down and breathe with your food. This is a nourishing experience, you are taking care of yourself when you put food into your body so give yourself time in these moments.

Check In and Get Quiet: Throughout the day ask yourself how you are feeling or what you want to do. Sometimes when I check in I notice that I might need a nap, or maybe I am thirsty. Perhaps my body is asking for a break or a walk. If you never slow down and get quiet you will miss the signals from your body and therefore your body has no choice but to go to an extreme wall to get you to stop. Always check in the way you would with a newborn baby, you are worth it.


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