All You Need to Know About Overeating

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Overeating has become a huge contributor to the reason why people gain weight. The funny thing is, people have come up with appetite suppressants, stomach shrinking surgeries, and diet pills to speed up metabolism. Yet, we don’t have a problem with having too big of appetites, we have a problem eating past the point of being full, or when we aren’t hungry, and no diet pill, surgery or metabolism booster is going to help with that.

1. You already know when you are full. You already know when to stop. You already know how to eat when you are hungry.
This is information that you were born with, nobody or no thing can ever take that away from you. It just becomes washed over by your tricky thoughts.

2. Eating to fill an emotion is a normal response. If you eat when you are bored, that is normal. If you eat when you need comfort, which is normal. If you eat when you are sad that is normal, and the list goes on. You must take the time to find other ways to fill emotions other than food, if you don’t you can’t blame your body for using food as instant gratification.

3. Without hobbies or other fun activities, food will become your only activity. If your day is full of stress, boredom, anger, sadness, depression, then of course your body looks at food as it’s number one activity. If you don’t have other ways of having fun, food becomes your only fun, which is why you find yourself walking to the fridge ever hour. Don’t use food as your primary activity, instead of asking someone to go to lunch, ask them to go for a walk.

4. Food must be high quality in order to receive nutrients and pleasures. If you don’t give yourself quality, how do you expect your body to perform? If you think you can eat low quality food and then function as a normal, happy go lucky human being, you are mistaken. This will catch up to you, pretty soon sugar and fat will be your two best friends and they don’t keep you alive the way real friends do.

5. Always check in with your body before eating. When you feel the sensation of hunger, ask your body what it wants. Let it direct you. If it asks for junk, ask it why. Your body never wants junk, your mind does, so don’t be fooled. If you are thinking, “I want ice cream,” ask yourself why. If the answer is that it just sounds good and you are hungry, then enjoy the highest quality ice cream you can. If it says because it makes me feel good, try to find something else that makes you feel good first.

The main thing to remember is that you are not victim to overeating. As soon as you can wake up and notice your thoughts, you can stop overeating. When you do overeat, don’t feel guilty, just learn from it and move on. I still overeat to this day, but it is very rare, and I always know why. Then I learn from it and move on, that way I never gain weight. Eating is always instant gratification, so look for other ways to feel gratified in your life, and celebrate being alive!


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