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Am I Too Fat for Health Insurance?

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Last night I rented the movie SiCKO by Michael Moore. I had heard about it a few months ago but didn’t think to go see it at the theater. I usually deem movies DVD worthy then wait for their release to rent them via Block Buster Video. Anyway, I knew what it was about and liked his last movie about 911, so I gave it a shot. It was about the health care system and how the health care industry is making tons of profit and not helping patients.

I must say, watching this movie made me want to move out of the country (since there is no universal health care here in the US of A). I can totally relate with the one person that was denied health insurance coverage due to their high BMI. BMI is a load of crap if you didn’t already know. I first came across BMI issues during boot camp. But that’s another story. This is about being denied insurance because of my fatness. A couple of years ago I was in search of health insurance for my family. I did some research online and found some sites that I could submit my info to for quotes.

A week or so after submitting all my info I received a letter stating that my family could be covered but I couldn’t because I was considered morbidly obese and of “high risk.” I called them back and gave them the example of a body builder having a high BMI and being in shape. They wouldn’t see my side of the story and I was forced to accept their bullshit reason. I would remain denied health coverage because I was too fat.

The amazing thing about it was that I was actually in pretty decent shape a few years ago when this happened. I was about 250 to 260 pounds and in good shape as far as my cardiovascular system was concerned. I just happened to be a bit heavy, like I have always been. At my height of size feet, six foot one on good days, I was considered by most to be in good shape. Not to the health insurance companies though. They judge you based on BMI (body mass index), which is just absurd. It pisses me off just thinking about it.

I know I am not the only overweight person that has been denied health care coverage. Have any of you been through this? Let me know below.


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