Are You Ready to Go Dancing?

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Just when you thought dancing was only for the young, a new trend has surfaced among baby-boomers. Ballroom dancing is enjoying a renewed popularity.

Couples looking for activities they can enjoy together are flocking to local community centers, schools, and dance studios. Many are hoping to recapture the youthful spirit they felt in their earlier years.

Dance groups are encouraging not only couples but singles to come out and join in on the fun. “It’s an excellent opportunity to meet people,” says Linda, a young seventy-year-old who met her boyfriend at a dance studio. Age doesn’t seem to matter. Some seniors are lighter on their feet than youngsters half their age.

More than a half a generation ago, the famous dance couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers added glamour and romance to ballroom dancing. Now, once again, with the advent of popular television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, ballroom dancing has taken off.

Many community centers across the country are offering dance lessons at minimal cost and dance clubs are springing up everywhere. Money isn’t a barrier to join. You can take a spouse, friend, neighbor, or work colleague and find out how much fun this form of exercise can be.

Physical Benefits of Dance:

Building strong heart muscles will benefit your overall health. Dancing is a wonderful aerobic activity that raises the heart rate over a period of time.

Lack of physical activity will lead to muscle deterioration. Exercise such as dancing improves tone and strength to muscles throughout the body.

As we age, many of us begin to feel discomfort in our joints. The best way to combat pains and aches is to stay physically active.

Back Pain
Poor posture can lead to chronic pain that can be alleviated by exercise. Strengthening the muscles around your spine will help correct your posture.


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