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Are Your Skinny Jeans Hurting Your Health?

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You know, those jeans in the closet that take you forever to get on.

The ones where you have to jump-wiggle and jiggle just to get them up on your thighs, and then complete laborious process of actually buttoning them?

These jeans could be wreaking havoc on your health. Experts are finding that wearing these too tight skinny jeans can put you at risk for a nerve problem called meralgia paresthetica, a condition in which the nerve that runs through the thigh is pressured so much(by the tightness of your jeans) that you begin to experience a painful burning tingling thigh, or as some people like to call it now—tingling thigh syndrome.

Even though this condition isn’t new, there have been new cases of it popping up more often than usual. If your experiencing the pain don’t worry—it usually is not permanent and should go away after the compression is taken off the nerve.

Along with the nerve pain, skinny jeans also put you at risk for blood clots, yeast infections and bladder problems—among others.

So I have to ask: Your Health or Fashion?


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