Avoid These Fitness Foul-Ups

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Fill a room with sweaty, determined, and time-crunched people, and some feather ruffling is inevitable. So, to help prevent you from becoming persona non grata at your local gym, here are five fitness faux pas you would do well to avoid:

Not Recognizing Someone’s Turf
If you see a dumbbell, a towel, and/or a water bottle on a weight bench or work station, this is enough of a signal that it is being used by someone else (even if they are nowhere in sight at the moment). Don’t take liberties and take up residence. Instead, either do a different exercise or wait a minute or so for the person to return, at which time you can ask them how many sets they have left.

Being a Space Invader
If a person is working out in front of a mirror, it’s because they want to make sure that they are using correct form. Or, it’s because they’re just really pleased with the way they look. Either way, walking across their line of vision is a big no-no.

Leaving Traces of Yourself Behind
If you’re the type that sweats profusely, chances are your sweat ends up all over the gym. So, to keep the rest of the gym population on your good side, towel off your benches and machines once you’re done with them.

Crashing Your Weights
Nobody says that a gym has to be as quiet as a mausoleum, but allowing your weights to slam to the ground is just plain obnoxious. As the popular gym saying goes, if you’re strong enough to lift the weights, you should be strong enough to put them back.

Wardrobe Malfunctions
When getting dressed for the gym, try to keep in mind the specific types of exercises you’re going to be doing that day. For example, those loose-fitting basketball shorts may work fine for the day you’re running on the treadmill, but not so much for the day you have to do overhead leg lifts.


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