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Ayurveda and Nail Care

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According to Ayurveda, our fingernails are a byproduct of our bones. And the condition of our nails is a reflection of the condition of our body tissues. If we’re having problems with our nails, then we need to look at the balance and nourishment of the whole body. Here are some examples of what we can find by looking at our nails:

  • Horizontal indentations indicate a weakened digestion
  • Vertical ridges indicate that we are not metabolizing minerals or proteins well, and that we have a deficiency in vitamin B12 and iron
  • White spots indicate a calcium or zinc deficiency
  • Hang nails indicate a lack of protein, vitamin C, and folic acid
  • Brittle nails indicate low iron or low vitamin A, an imbalanced thyroid or kidney function, and poor circulation
  • Yellowish nails indicate a liver imbalance
  • Bluish nails indicate a lung and heart imbalance
  • Pale nails indicate anemia, and low liver and kidney energy

In addition, we can look at the particular finger where a nail has a problem, and note that there may be an imbalance in the corresponding organ.

  • Thumb: Brain
  • Index finger: Lungs and colon
  • Middle finger: Small intestine
  • Ring finger: Kidney
  • Little finger: Heart and female reproductive organs


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