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Bad Gym Etiquette

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It never fails. Every time I go to the gym, I’m amazed by some people’s gym etiquette; or for that matter, the lack there of. Although everyone is entitled to his or her good days and bad days, there is no excuse for flat out bad behavior. Here is a top ten list of those that are most inexcusable:

10. This isn’t American Idol. Keep the singing, grunting, and hyperventilating for the shower!

9.  Not putting equipment back where it belongs. No, the 50-pound dumbbell does NOT go back in the 5-pound weight spot. There is a zero after the five. 

8. Chatting-Cathy and then some. Chatty Cathy loudly retells her friend about her shopping spree at Target, her date with her dreamboat, her mani and pedi, her boss who she has a crush on, yada, yada, yada …

7. Exercising while on your cellphone. Unless a person is expecting some majorly important news, there is no need to hold their cell phone hostage on the treadmill. Further, the last thing anyone needs to hear is the new “Baby Got Back” ringtone.

6. Hijacking Equipment. Oblivious people who somehow don’t see that you are waiting for a machine or in between sets.

5. Stalking other people. “Heavy Breather” is standing right on top of you waiting for you to finish your set and/or “Meathead” comes over to talk to you while you are obviously hard at work. No space … bad breath … hovering. Back-off buddy! This isn’t a meat market!

4. Hogging equipment. Camping-out on equipment or running on the treadmill for hours hours when there is a sign clearly stating that there is a thirty-minute time limit on equipment. Let’s learn to share …

3. Romper room fitness. It is so much fun when there are children running throughout the gym, hopping on and off equipment, screaming and yelling during your yoga class. Ohmmm!

2. Sliming up the equipment. Leaving behind sweat, dead skin cells, and/or dandruff all over the equipment. This is not a forensics lab people! 

1. Stinking up the Joint: Lack of deodorant, a bath in cologne, or major gastrointestinal disorders are never really that aromatic … no matter how great you think any of it may smell.

What behaviors have you been subjected to?


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