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Beat the Bounce with the Right Sports Bra

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Looking to start a fitness-related New Year’s resolution? Join the club. (But please don’t join mine, because it’s pretty crowded as it is.) Even if you’re already a dedicated gym rat, January is always a good time to upgrade your clothes and equipment to help put a little extra bounce in your step.
But one place you don’t want any extra bounce? Your chest. (Ha, see what I did there?) If you’re just grabbing any random sports bra off the shelf, you might not be getting the right amount of support. The right sports bra can help prevent the slow, inexorable pull of gravity on your most important assets, along with, you know, incredible back pain. There are a ton of different options out there—here’s what to know to find the best one for you. 
A Skinny-Strapped Bralette
These options are cute, but they provide little in the way of support. They’re best for small-chested chicks who do low-impact activities. (Here’s the test: If the activity involves any kind of jumping or repetitive floor strikes, a bralette just isn’t enough. Might as well wear a regular bra.) Tops with built-in bras fall into this category—although they keep you cool by cutting own on the amount of clothing you have to wear, they’re generally not terribly supportive.




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