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Beat the Bounce with the Right Sports Bra

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A Standard Tank Shape
With elasticized bands and stretchy, wicking fabric, these are a good all-purpose sports bra for any medium-impact activity like dancing, step class, cross-training, or cycling. Regardless of exactly how the straps are configured (racerback, T-back, etc.), the general rule is that the thicker they are, the more support it provides against painful bouncing. Small-chested women often find traditional styles to have all the support they need; medium busts may need a little extra compression. If your chest tissue feels sore after a workout in one of these bras, you’re one of them.
If you’re medium-busted, with a need for more support than a flimsy bralette provides but not big enough to graduate to specialized large-bust bras, you may find that the best option is buying a tank bra in a size smaller than whatever you usually wear. The extra tightness will hold breasts in place more snugly.



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