The Beauty of Life’s Simple Pleasures

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Drinking tea from a floral coffee cup; fuchsia painted toenails; walking arm-and-arm with the man I love; yellow tulips on my dining room table; scented candle lit baths; wrapping my shoulders in a brightly colored shawl on a cool spring day … The day is so much more beautiful when you add life’s simple pleasures. Who could dare exist in this world or ours without them? Not me. You see, by doing so, it’s as if I’m giving a finger to all that’s terrible in this world.

As I put life into perspective, when it comes to enjoying life, I’ve come to realize that not everyone feels the same way as I do. From time to time, I’ll speak with a dear friend of mine via telephone. I always ask her how she is doing, and time and time again she boasts, “I’ve been busy.” As if she is proud of this statement. I’m always curious to know if she is really too busy to interact with friends, too busy to pamper herself, too busy to laugh, and too busy to stop and smell the roses. I wonder if my friend realizes that the different variety of roses have their own distinct fragrance. Of course, she doesn’t know this! You see, my friend is part of a group of women who find that the simple pleasures in life are quite trivial and unnecessary. This saddens me so. Your day-to-day activities would seem much more enjoyable if you appreciated yourself a little better and added something beautiful to your life that makes you smile.

One of my girlfriends and I can spend the entire day shopping for that special something. You know, that one thing that makes you gasp as soon as you see it. It even looks good on the hanger! On one of our shopping trips, I remember pulling from the racks a silk Elie Tahari black and white halter blouse. We both said in unison, “That’s sooo pretty!” My friend then said, “Okay, where and how are you going to wear it?” I thought for a moment and said with excitement, “I’m going to wear it with my boot cut jeans, my belt with the crystal stones and my black embellished sandals. I can see myself wearing it to an art exhibit or to lunch at one of the wineries in Temecula!”

The halter-top was gorgeous on its own. I really didn’t need to fantasize about wearing it; however, part of the fun of shopping with my friend is the fun game we play in visualizing ourselves looking fab. I’m not advocating visualizing yourself in everything that you lay your eyes on as an excuse to spend money. What I am suggesting is to make your experiences in life fun, even if it’s a bland shopping trip.

My little slice of pie to you this week is to always remember the simple pleasures in life. If you grow roses in your garden, how about cutting a few stems for indoors. Go somewhere different and take a drive into Temecula and enjoy lunch at one of the wineries, or watch something silly on television with a child. Okay, I have a secret to share … a couple of years ago my sons were recovering from the flu and the entire family crawled into bed together and watched SpongeBob Square Pants. We laughed hysterically at the antics of the silly sponge and his friends. Now, on occasion, I’ll sneak a peek at SpongeBob and I’ll find myself watching and laughing at the crazy cartoon.

As an old friend once told me, “Life is full of many twist and turns. I might as well buckle-up and enjoy the ride.” I will enjoy the ride much better, as long as I can add life’s simple pleasures.


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