Being Lazy Is the Foe, Not Society

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You know what? I’m sick of everyone blaming society for the pressure to have the perfect body. I think that all of the protest is simply a sign that we are more opposed to society’s definition of beauty because we have lowered our standards. The Dove ads send a message that you should just eat whatever you want, not try for anything better. Is this not insulting? Do you want to be told that you should just let your body be and not do a thing to improve it?

This surge of campaigning for “natural beauty” and embracing your fat represents the mentality of our society—get by with the bare minimum, don’t make any extra effort. It’s no wonder that China will soon overtake us as the most powerful nation—if this is the sort of mentality we are breeding, how can we ever hope to continue to prosper in the future?

We have always been slaves to the standards of perfection—it is only now that we are giving up. Now, with an abundance of fresh food and diet plans, we are giving up. In this age, it is easy (and pleasant) to lose weight! Methods of obtaining this standard of beauty were far more radical several years ago than they are now, but people still managed. Women in the twenties swallowed tapeworms to stay thin—drastic, no doubt, but anything to achieve perfection. Women without a corset to shrink their waist to a mere seventeen inches were certainly looked down upon by high society for their imperfection. Men went through severe challenges and training to achieve a “godlike” body and earn a spot battling in the coliseum. All we have to do is stick to a diet plan. All we have to do is beat our mental foes that convince us to eat “just one more piece of cake.” If you really can’t do it, you can go to a plastic surgeon! How easy!

Obviously the counter-argument to this is that we should be able to accept ourselves the way we are and not have to deprive ourselves simply for the sake of becoming more aesthetically pleasing. Excuse me, but do you have a problem with challenging yourself? Are you really content to just settle for mediocrity? Unless you have a severe thyroid condition, you can lose weight. It is not hard, and don’t blame it on being too busy. If anything, being busy makes you eat less.

It is really quite easy to maintain a low weight and still be able to enjoy life—besides, food shouldn’t be the definition of a person enjoying their life. A piece of birthday cake at a party should not be the definition of a good time, it should be spending time with friends and family that makes it enjoyable. There are not many good excuses for staying in the overweight range—except for a very few special cases, the only reason people do not lose weight is because they are lazy. Not even lazy in the physical sense as much as the mental sense.

Sorry for the rant, but all of the hype about the media portraying unrealistic standards of beauty, blah, blah, blah is ridiculous. For someone who is motivated, these are realistic. Perfection has always been seen as something to strive for; it is only now that we are falling off the wagon, blaming our bodies for having slow metabolisms when it is our minds that need the makeover.


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