Body of a God

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Everyday around five we would walk down to our mailboxes to retrieve the mail. It was a beautiful Mid-spring evening flowers blooming and a fragrance of fresh was in the air. That’s the first day I notice him. A Caesar, a god. He had a smile that could have melted an Iceberg. I caught a direct glimpse of his eyes as he slowly drove by. We all lived in a gated community and he stopped his car to retrieve his mail also. Good day, he said. I notice that he also spoke with a beautiful foreign accent. Hello, I nervously replied. Beautiful day we’re having? He replied, “Yea mate.”

I Immediately knew this wasn’t your run of the mill Joe. My sister was nudging me in the back to move a little closer to see if there was a woman name mixed into his mail. She was nudging me to get closer and I was nudging her to stop nudging me. He asked if we were coming to the pool opening party tonight? Before I could say anything my sister yelled “we’ll be there! What time?” He smiled and said about six. Walking back to the house I thought Oh my god, "I don’t even own a swimsuit. Patty said not to worry I have plenty. We got back I swear patty was acting if she was sixteen again, jumping and bouncing all over the place.

Look what I’ve got for you girl! It was a piece of string. I know you don’t think I’m going to wear that? Why not? We’re going to a pool opening, not a strip club. Ok,Ok sister Teresa, What about this? Yes this will do just fine. It was plain and simple just like me. Six-fifteen we arrived at the party. I didn’t want to seem too anxious or desperate to see him again. Then I turn my head over toward the clubhouse, standing there gleaming in the mid-evening sun was Caesar himself, I watched him as he threw his towel across his lounge chair the muscles of his biceps sprung up as though someone was pumping air in a tire tube. He had a six pack that was packed tighter than a soldier’s duffle bag. His body was in perfect form, from head to toe. We threw up his hands waving for Patty and me to come over, I was shaking like a leaf on a tree. As I started to step, Patty pushed me into the pool. Boy, I’m happy, now he can’t tell if I’m nervous or cold, I was so relieved.

As I wiped the water from my eyes and tried to gain my dignity, I felt a strong hand reach for me. Need some help mate? Yes, thank you. I replied, my sister never does that, maybe she wanted me to officially start the party. He looked at me and smile, then said party is officially started. I couldn’t keep a clear thought. All I could think about was his lustful magnificent body. He said we haven’t been formally introduced. Dusty McDuggan, he said. Now who’s his pretty lady? Kathy, I said as I wiped the water from my hair. You live here, Kathy? Or visiting? I nervously replied, Live here. Well, I’ve been here twenty-one days, I come from down under to visitone of my mate from college. Oh really I replied. How long will you be here ? Until the competition is over I’m a body builder. At that point I didn’t hear anything else. I was too much into this beautiful creature. Kathy? You alright he asked? Yes quite alright thank you.

Then all of a sudden I was snapped back to reality. Dusty, I heard some one called. Over here. Coming toward us was a body that was also unbelievable she was a goddess. Dusty introduced us and I learned this was his mate from college. Her name was Tangi and to make a long story short. They were engaged. We laughed and played around in the pool for the rest of the evening. I went away satisfied knowing I may not have him by my side for ever but I had my moment to dream.


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