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Boost Your Immune System This Season

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Does it always seem like your fighting a cold? Battling the sniffles?
Or constantly at war with a sore throat? Or maybe you just want to
make sure you’re not sick when vacation day comes around.
There are always some ways to give your immune system the boost it
needs. With illnesses like the Swine Flu running rampant, here are
some tips to keep you—and your immune system in check.

Drop your sugar habit.
Refined white sugar is bad for you—even in small amounts. Lurking in
everything from jelly, your morning doughnuts, and even seemingly
health foods like apple juice and the cereal you ate this morning,
this sugar does more damage than you think. Aside from adding extra
calories to your foods, this ingredient also wreaks havoc on your
whole body. Under names like fructose, glucose, and corn syrup this
ingredient decreases the number and activity of white blood cells and
makes your blood more acidic, and in turn lowering your body’s ability
to fight off infections and increasing your susceptibility to viruses
and bacteria.

Get a good night sleep.
How many hours you sleep has an effect on a lot of things in your
body. Aside from feeling tired, a lack of sleep can also contribute to
weight gain, an abnormal mental state, diabetes and even an impaired
immune system, most likely by messing up your hormones. However, too
much sleep can impair an immune response as well, so aim for more than
seven hours and less than ten.

Exercise, even just a little.
A 2006 study at the University of Houston found that even a little
exercise (but not too much) can help battle the sniffles. Participants
in the study either worked out five times a week or stretched once, by
the end of the study the ones who exercised were three times more
likely to be coughing and sneezing. So to take advantage of the
benefits of exercise, go for a small walk or stretch every now and
then, just don’t go overboard (which can lower your immune system
instead of improving it).

Have sex
Something that feels great and is beneficial for your health too? I’m
in. Many studies have concluded that among other benefits of orgasm,
an improved immune system is one of them. In one study conducted by
gynecologist Dr. Dudley Chapman, achieving orgasm on a regular basis
can boost infection-fighting T3 and T4 lymphocyte cells by up to 20
percent. These types of white blood cell produce antibodies, which are
proteins that help fight off germs in the body, and inevitably help
prevent us from getting sick.

Ditch the Doughnuts.
Simply done. Research estimates that one in three Americans will get
cancer in there lifetime. The World Cancer Research Fund estimates
that up to 40 percent of cancers can be avoided by eating better. So
consume healthy foods, so pile on the vegetables, add some fruit,
sprinkle on some nuts and add a side of some healthy meat and leave
the unhealthy stuff for occasional treats; don’t forget to drink
water. As a bonus to eating healthy your overall appearance will
appear healthier and you will have more energy. Maybe to exercise?


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