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Building Your Body while Bonding with Love Ones

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We all struggle finding time to get fit. Either lack of motivation passion or simply have no time to get our groove. Boring dumbbells, treadmills, and repetitive crunches that make you want say enough of this. At times we feel so isolated and wonder if there are any alternatives where we can have fun doing it and bond with our loved ones. We can not find times because we are juggling work and family at the same time. I have been busy working and at times I feel guilty instead of working out in the gym I’d rather spent times with my wife and my kids. I ended up skipping gym and sit down talk to my wife and play with my kids. Then I realized that staying fit does not need to compromise with my time getting fit and at the same time bonding with my love ones. I have two active boys and they love my attention.

My older son Christian who is eight years old who weigh 65 ponds and Ethan four years old weighs 40 pounds. They are both persistent to have a playtime with me.  Another thing is that my spouse enjoys quality time with me either a cup of coffee or mere walking. One night, my older son wants to wrestle wit me and I start bench pressing him. I realized there are several exercise using your children as weights and game where in you can incorporate them as exercise methods and tools. Here are some exercise methods to tighten your muscle, increase cardiac metabolism, increase your bun, and see the smile in your love ones.

Jumping Jacks with Children’s songs. My kinds love to hear children songs with me seeing. We do jumping jacks at the same time giggle together. My younger ones do the counting and we do it at 100 times together by three. I am not only exercising but he learns how to count. He was having a great time and incorporating the intellectual part of learning. Calories lose … 30 calories.
Bench pressing a 65 pounds boy. I start bench pressing my older son Christian twenty times by three. I start developing my chest muscle and I was amazed. He can not wait for me to exercise every time I go home. Our relationship was budding and he starts to share what happened to his day. He thinks I am Superman. He tried to bench pressing his younger son, what a thrill of bonding with him.

Airplane ride with Daddy. I lay at the bed and with my head and shoulder at edge of the bed, I lift my younger son up and down. His head almost touch the floor and I lift him back towards the bed. Developing the shoulder muscle. I make the airplane sound and I say, the airplane is landing, the airplane is taking off. He never stop laughing and enjoying the game. I can feel my shoulder is getting broader. Make sure to put pillow on the floor just in case you drop him. Advantage … he thinks he is riding an airplane.

Squatting time. We press down the wall and squat fifteen times by three. My buns are getting tighter and my spouse cannot help staring at them. You just have to be innovative how you will make it fun. I normally chant up, down up down in a low military voice.

Brisk walking with your spouse. If you want to connect with your spouse walking with them is an amazing tool. You either do it with the kids if you don’t have a baby sitter. We try to find a hill to challenge cardiac. While we are walking we try to catch up with what is going on. We try not to argue and enjoy the scenery of bay area weather of Northern California. In our walk we also try to pray together to rest.

They’re several ways to exercise without going to the gym that I discover. I am able to maximize my time exercising and time with my family. I also saved gym dues and used it for family vacation. I open an account and pay myself and pretend it’s for gym dues. I can see the result in my body but the most important benefits I am getting is the lost lasting bond with my loved ones.


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