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Burdock Herbal Tea

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All of my blogs pertain to healthy lifestyles and to introduce you, in this particular case, to various types of herbal teas, that will enhance you life because they will bring health to various parts of your body instead of drinking too much coffee which contains caffeine and to steer you away from black tea. 

We should be so grateful to our ancestors for not only finding the burdock root but that over time they came to understand how it actually improved their health and overcome diseases. It cleanses the blood and if you drink this tea you will find that it regulates blood sugar and your digestive and immune systems will benefit, which has got to be good news for your overall health and longevity. 

In Japan burdock root is known as “gobo” and to the Japanese people it is not only popular but an important food and is eaten as we in the western world eat potatoes and carrots. The subtle difference is that the burdock root does not contain starch but, instead contains rather complex carbohydrates, which are known as fructo oligosaccharides. Starch can raise blood sugar and blood insulin levels, therefore when eating anything you lean on the side of moderation.

The root provides the body with soluble fibers, which do not raise blood sugar or insulin levels. It is known to stimulate the appetite and is renowned to be good for the skin. Drinking this as a tea helps detox the liver and kidney organs

I suppose you will be dying to know how to make a tea after reading all the benefits. Firstly, you should be able to buy the burdock root from most health food stores, if not, they are sure to be able to order it for you. Treat yourself to a lovely teapot with sieve in order that you can steep the liquid and whilst you are shopping a lovely cup and saucer would be a treat.

1. Cut about a two-inch piece of the root
2. Slice in half or quarters.
3. Cover with between 2–6 cups of water, about half a pint/liter approx.
4. Bring to the boil
5. Steep: as it cools, the tea will turn blue. If you wish, you could add more water to make a second amount

Points to remember that the leaves, seeds as well as the roots can be used as a tincture, ointment infusion and decoction.


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