Busy Women Can’t Find One Hour to Exercise

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Most people have twenty-four billion—or more—things to do everyday. Problem is there’s only twenty-four hours in the day.

So working women—probably working men too—give exercise a backseat amid the day’s toiling, even a measly hour of physical activity.

Making it no surprise, experts found many U.S. women don’t have time to get the recommended one hour of exercise each day.

Not exactly good news for a country with ever-rising obesity rates, forking out over $150 billion a year on obesity and related complications, roughly double the cost the United States was spending in 1998.

So, many experts suggest policy changes in the U.S., such as governments cleaning up bad neighborhoods and creating more bike paths.

Walking to work or the store would help fill that exercise need, but the reality of it is most people have jobs miles and miles away from their homes.

In addition, those bad neighborhoods usually don’t have big supermarkets where people can buy more affordable healthy food, like ninety-nine cent bags of apples, instead of ninety-nine cent snack cakes and “juice” boxes.

So I take it back. One hour of exercise is not measly. It can be impractical.

What about you—can you find enough time in the day to workout?

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