Can Doctors Fight Obesity by Teaching Patients How to Cook?

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Most of us go to our doctor expecting them to reach us a prescription at the end of the consultation.

But, imagine if your doctor handed you a recipe instead … that would be different!

Or, “What if hospitals were equipped with teaching kitchens, where patients could trade in their hospital gowns for aprons, before being discharged?”

Sound a little farfetched?

Well, that’s the vision of Dr Eisenberg, head of the complementary and integrative medicine division, at Harvard Medical School. His mission is to get America cooking again.

Dr Eisenberg said this:

We need to first teach the teachers … A physician’s own behavior is one of the strongest predictors of how they’ll counsel their patients.

Dr Eisenberg helps lead culinary conferences, to give doctors the knowledge and skills they need to inspire their patients to start cooking. He believes this is one of best strategies to battle obesity and chronic medical conditions in America.

I think it’s true to say we watch more cooking on television now than ever before. But, in reality, many people are missing the most basic of cooking skills.

We seem to know all of the advice about eating healthy food, but for many, if food doesn’t come in a box, or go “ping” when ready, it doesn’t even make it into their kitchen.

So, what do you think—do doctors have the ability/ time/ desire to teach their patients cooking skills? What are your tips for getting people interested in cooking healthy food?

Originally published on Diet Blog


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