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This story is for every woman who hates to go to the doctor. I also put it off and went only when I had a problem. I was fifty-nine years old when the doctor said that I had uterine cancer. At the same time, I was running back and forth for mammograms because I was having a problem with that as well.

To start this story, I have to say I am one of the lucky ones, so if you read anything here that sounds like yourself, just go to the doctor for that checkup. I had decided to go and schedule a bladder suspension operation because I was having some issues with the laughing and OMG run problem. That operation was a success, but now I was having some bleeding. I blamed the operation and I was given some meds, and nothing improved.

Next step is the OBGYN doctor. I now have to have all the tests. The mammogram is showing problems and I am scheduled for a specific one at the hospital x-ray department. That same morning I get a call from my new OBGYN doctor to come in right away. My husband is away on a trip and I go alone for this talk, the woman doctor told me that I had uterine cancer and that I needed a complete hysterectomy right away. I am now ready to faint and thinking about the mammogram and that it had already spread.

On the ride from there to the hospital I am freaking out; I barely drove there safely. After that the x-ray doctor said, “I will let your doctor know,” and for the first time through all of this I spoke up and said, “No, you will tell me know now, so that I can drive safely home.” I was okay.

The rest, as they say, is history. I had my operation right before Christmas and I am fine four years later. I didn’t need chemo or radiation because it wasn’t in my lymph nodes. I never forgave my OBGYN doctor for telling me that so cruelly and not making sure someone was with me. I refused to let her operate and went to another doctor for the operation.

Ladies, pay attention to this story and go for your yearly checkups.


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