Candice Bergen: I Consistently Overeat

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Here’s how wowOwow’s Candice Bergen responded to the question: “Have you ever put your health at risk for the sake of beauty?”

“Well. There was—many years ago—the famous pineapple or Beverly Hills diet that actually had Hawaii hustling to fill the sudden demand for pineapple. Of course, the acidic nature of the pineapples ate away my teeth and gave me sores on my tongue so I preferred the watermelon day of that diet.

Then, the cabbage soup diet which, in fact, is very healthy although by day three, you never want to see another sip of cabbage soup and have gotten used to constantly farting.

But I would say the way I consistently overeat is probably the worst thing I do to myself and why I’ve put on twenty-five pounds in ten years. But I love food. What can I say. I do not deprive myself. Almost never.”



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