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Cellulite, Be Gone!

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Cellulite is just a term that describes the dimpling of the skin. It is most common in women and usually occurs on the thighs, butt, hips and arms. Contrary to popular belief it is not caused by excess weight. Thin people are just as likely to have it. Genes are actually the most important factor in determining whether you have it or not. It is not a disease but it is unfortunately treated as one in our society.

There are so many “cellulite cures”, creams, potions and lotions all swearing on the stars that they will banish those bumps forever. They are lying. I will say it again. Lies. To this point in time, there is no scientific proof that the appearance of cellulite can be fixed with a pill, cream or surgery. It is part of your genetic make-up and so therefore it is no different than some people having brown hair, or blue eyes, or baldness, or a small or big nose. Somebody (the media, and it’s audience) decided that it was bad and now women everywhere are giving up their paychecks to buy the latest and greatest cure all.

I understand the want to get rid of it, for I have been seduced by the idea that it is unattractive just as much as the rest of you. Nonetheless, I remind everyone that in the 1800’s, cellulite was considered beautiful.

Check out the lady on the right.

But Sarah, I still hate it, what can I do?

Well my friends, here are a few options:

1) Some creams and lotions will diminish the appearance for a brief stint. If you are planning on lounging in a bikini all day, it couldn’t hurt to rub some cellulite cream into your thighs. It’s generally over-priced, but if you can afford it and it makes you more confident, then do it. The caffeine tightens up the blood vessels and will make the skin look smoother for a short time.

2: Massages will do basically the same thing. The masseur will get all the blood flowing and your circulation going to create the smooth and vibrant skin you crave. Just remember they are not a cure, just a momentary cover up. However there are about a million reasons why massages are good for other reasons.

3: Self-tanner. The skin just shows less dimples when it’s browner (or oranger…depending on your product).

4: Diet and exercise! Oh my golly, you mean there is another reason to eat right and work out? Yes! Ok, I would be lying if I said it will most definitely get rid of all your cellulite. It will certainly help and it can’t hurt, but remember that cellulite is genetic. Strength training will lower your overall body fat which will lower the appearance of fat under the skin. The best part of this method is that it won’t disappear after 2 hours. If you tighten up your muscles and start to notice a difference, it will be one that sticks around for awhile.

Just one more reason to get your butt to the gym.


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