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Chamomile Tea

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The Egyptians dedicated chamomile to their sun god and therefore valued it over lots of other herbs, particularly for its healing qualities. 

Wild chamomile originates from Europe but over time flew to almost every continent; it’s so common, that now it can be found along roadsides, open fields, and along fence rows. Chamomile flowers are similar-looking to daises but are much smaller 

The stem can grow twenty inches in height; the leaves are a light green and have a feathery feel to them. Flowers resemble a daisy and bloom from May to October. Your senses may pick up the scent of pineapple or apple, it all depends. If you choose to grow your own, gather as soon as the flowers bloom, then dry for later use. 

Amazingly, chamomile is one of the most widely used flowers for herbal tea; it’s actually a mild sedative and is good for insomnia as well as other nervous conditions. The flowers of chamomile can be used as a tonic for treating arthritis and also rheumatism to reduce swelling, due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Other uses as a medicinal herb include relieving stomach cramps, relieving gaseous pains, as well as being used as a mild laxative.

If you have a sore throat or aches and pains associated with colds and flu, you can use milder doses of the tea throughout the day. 

Need a shampoo to keep your blonde hair blonde? Then use an infusion of chamomile flowers, it works a treat!

Its benefits continue: use it externally for sunburn as well as normal burns, next time you have a bath use it to relax those aching muscles, it will also help to keep your skin soft.

Finally the dried herb can be made into potpourri and herb pillows. 


By now you would have bought a delightful teapot with internal strainer and matching cup and saucer to suit your sensibilities, so this is a good time to make a pot of chamomile tea.

  1. Buy the dried chamomile flowers from the health store
  2. Rinse the flowers in cold water
  3. Boil the water
  4. Use about 2 or 3 teaspoons of the flowers for each cup of water to make a balanced pot of tea.
  5. Steep for a short time, pour into your favorite cup adding a little honey, stir, and enjoy.


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