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Change? Please, Is This the Change?

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Okay I am an intelligent woman, well-read, articulate, somewhat traveled, and yet at an age that when I make a change in habit or lifestyle everything is now blamed on the change. I hate that word used for menopause, change, yes as women our bodies do change, so what? They change constantly, our bodies, our minds, even our habits and yet when we hit the age of menopause … change seems to become a nasty word or behavior brought upon a mysterious virus only women of a certain age behold. I feel at times I have stepped back in time and I am living in the eighteenth century and should wait it out inside my parlor until the virus passes. I for one will not do that and have decided to embrace my change whether my loved ones embrace it along with me or not, maybe it is the hormones talking or maybe not, but change is good and I will accept it with open arms.

I watched too many women in my life suffer while going through menopause, the changes that they experienced brought on with menopause. My mother with her hot flashes, my aunt with her mood swings, a friend who was pushed into to early menopause from a hysterectomy and didn’t understand what was happening to her, and I grew to understand that we went through this once before, having the light bulb moment. Yes, ladies and the few interested men reading, we went through this when we became the women we are today. Think for a moment of puberty and the wonderful mood swings, being uncomfortable in your own skin, hot flashes, we had weight gain and loss, but we were young and so active we barely noticed. The sexually surges, ah please don’t shake your heads, we all began to notice the opposite sex or became interested in sex. Carrying around the tampons and sanitary napkins just in case because some of us did not become regular right off. The same thing happening now to us, just in reverse.
We are changing and it should be embraced. This time we know our bodies and we needn’t ask our girlfriends questions we dare not ask mom because we are well-read women and can obtain the information we need to make informed decision concerning our health.

Yes, I am changing deciding not to wait on friends to join exercising classes and just having a blast and meeting new friends. Changing in the fact that I will invite friends to functions once and never beg again to attend and still go alone if no others decide to attend because it is something that interests me. So, change is good if you look at it in the right frame of mind. I still see my doctor and I still am a friend to my friends. I just find that with my change I have found a little more independence in myself and liking me a little bit more. Maybe it is because my children are almost grown and now I haven’t to worry about having any additional children born to me. I look at my change as a new phase in my life. I suppose it’s all perspective.


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